To Catch A Thief

CBS NEWS REPORTED on how police plan to catch criminals who are stealing customers packages from their front doors.

I have posted a video and the link to CBS is here



Shopping Malls are shutting down!

Ladies, we love to shop!  What are you going to do if you can no longer shop at the Malls.  Take a look at this video.   It is stated that  several malls are going to close within the next five years.   Imagine no place to shop.  But are there other options to shop besides going to a mall?  umm.

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Did Senator John McCain say that U.S. Leadership was better under Obama? What to YOU say? Let’s Poll in.

How many of you say that the leadership of U.S under President Obama was better.   State why you think it is so.  Show some factual comparisons between President Obama and President Trump to show support of Senator John McCain’s statement.

Senator John McCain was asked the question concerning “……..if America’s stance on the global stage was better during the Obama administration.”

“As far as American leadership is concerned, yes,” McCain responded.

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Missile testing in the USA

The caption under this video states, “For the first time, the Pentgon says the US military intercepted a long range missile.  The test was done amid heightening tensions with North Korea.

Now I am confused, the title of this video states “Video of successful U.S. Missile Test.”  Well my question,  is this an actual missile test or is it and interception of a missile?

Well someone please explain.  Click here



According to Matthew Diebel, of US TODAY, he states in his headline, ” Yes, there is such a thing as third hand  smoke – and it’s more dangerous than you think?”   With second-hand smoke in the atmosphere, this causes us to cough, even wave the smoke away.  We worry about getting sick with a disease.  Going into another room or a different area to get us free from these toxics is not safe.  Why?  Because Third Hand Smoke is emerging.    Diebel states we find ourselves in a realm of Third Smoke especially, coming into a room long after the smoker is gone.   Diebel states that Third hand smoke lives in the drapes, in the carpet, in the bedspreads and even in the ceiling and tiles of a hotel room.

Believe it! We are not safe from the toxins of cigarettes smoke.  This smell makes me nauseated and I cannot breathe – it feels like I am suffocating.  Smoke should be banned completely off the planet earth.

Image Third Hand Smoke lingering around your healthy body.  Read Matthew Diebel article “yes there is such a thing as third hand smoke – and its more dangerous than you think. To read the full article click here.