Ziamihyah is currently reinventing herself.   She is attending the Illinois Media School.  IMS is where she is learning about this business of broadcasting.  In this field, Ziamihyah finds that she must stay on top of things.  She is always working to excel to this next level by staying abreast of all the assignments given to her that challenges her intellect, skills and most of all her patience and tenacity to getting the job done.

Ziamihyah, received her Bachelor’s Degree in English literature from the University of Detroit Mercy.   She has a love for acting  and has been in several acting classes where she hones in on her acting talent.  Outside of this creative field where she feels most comfort and the feeling of her spirit to express itself freely, she has also worked in Corporate jobs.   She has gained knowledge in the medical field as a Certified Nurses Assistant,  in the banking business as a Teller and a Personal Banker.  Ziamihyah enjoys asking plenty of questions and she has developed an analytical ability by having served as a legal secretary for lawyers and law professors.  She has even involved herself in the culinary aspects of baking and she can bake a delicious bean pie.

There is such much that Ziamihyah has to say that will give a positive impact on people and especially, our youth.  Ziamihyah is developing her own show called Ziamihyah The Bag Lady Show.  “What’s In Your Bag?” It is Ziamihyah’s mission to reach out to her community informing them that we can stand together in unity to build our world of peace.  And to other diverse communities here and around the world she is here to help. Ziamihyah believes that  when acting embraces broadcasting nothing is impossible for her to accomplish especially if you possess a positive mental attitude.