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IMPROMPTU INTERVIEW with Traveling Culturati

This would be an exciting and educational internship with Traveling Culturati.  Ja’Vonne Harley is the owner of this Company.   Traveling Culturati is a one hour talk show about travel.

Ms. Harley is looking for interns.   This may prove to be a great opportunity for me.

Les Brown says “It’s best to be prepared for an opportunity then have an opportunity and not be prepared.”   Thanks to my training at IMS, I am ready for an internship at Ja’Vonne Harley.

Here is my blog about Traveling Culturati

Shopping Malls are shutting down!

Ladies, we love to shop!  What are you going to do if you can no longer shop at the Malls.  Take a look at this video.   It is stated that  several malls are going to close within the next five years.   Imagine no place to shop.  But are there other options to shop besides going to a mall?  umm.

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Did Senator John McCain say that U.S. Leadership was better under Obama? What to YOU say? Let’s Poll in.

How many of you say that the leadership of U.S under President Obama was better.   State why you think it is so.  Show some factual comparisons between President Obama and President Trump to show support of Senator John McCain’s statement.

Senator John McCain was asked the question concerning “……..if America’s stance on the global stage was better during the Obama administration.”

“As far as American leadership is concerned, yes,” McCain responded.

Read the full article http://www.cbsnews.com/news/john-mccain-says-american-leadership-was-better-under-obama-report


A German Grocery Store plans to expand in the U.S.

ALDI’s already has 1,650 stores here in the United States with plans to have 2,500 locations by 2022.  Now they want to offer the consumer “organic produce” and “meat raised without antibiotics.” I shop at Aldi and I find its selection of food items quite satisfying.  The prices are thus far affordable.  However, the quality of fresh meats wasn’t always appealing so I would buy my fresh meats at another store.

Read more at click here http://www.cbsnews.com/news/german-grocer-aldi-plans-plans-u-s-expansion/


Missile testing in the USA

The caption under this video states, “For the first time, the Pentgon says the US military intercepted a long range missile.  The test was done amid heightening tensions with North Korea.

Now I am confused, the title of this video states “Video of successful U.S. Missile Test.”  Well my question,  is this an actual missile test or is it and interception of a missile?

Well someone please explain.  Click here